​​​  “Obiis” author, didn’t grow up wanting to be a children’s author. His dream was to become a professional soccer player, but his future led him into many different paths.
  Chris, is a children’s book author who has self-published a book series about the Obiis (O-bees) to promote reading for elementary-aged children. As a young boy, he struggled with reading and made it his mission in life to tackle illiteracy and promote reading worldwide. He promotes his books by doing book festivals, reading at schools, and encourages children to love reading.
 Now, his journey is to introduce the Obiis into the COMIC BOOK arena. What sets the Obiis comic book series apart from other comics is the story line; he uses historical sites which some people believe were visited by aliens. He makes the reader ponder that such events might have actually happened. Then he takes them on a journey through unknown galaxies and return to planet earth showing how humans can work along with aliens. Then gets the reader prepared for another great adventure that is waiting for them in the near future with the Obiis.
   Chris was born in Quito, Ecuador. He arrived to the U.S.A when he was 9 years old with his family. He grew up in Connecticut and went to college on a soccer scholarship. Worked at a manufacturing company as a Tool/Die maker, and was given an opportunity to live in Arizona and work in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico as a production tooling manager. He is also creator of a children’s book light Read@Night that has a U.S.A. patent. The children’s book light was created to promote reading for children who need a little encouragement. He also deals with antiques and mid-century furniture, which is also another one of his passions.


Miguel Chang


   Is the illustrator and was born in Mexico. He is a descendent from Chinese immigrants who work on the railroad system during the early 1900’s. Miguel starting drawing at an early age and has never attended art schooling or training. He is a self-taught artist and his illustrations are a big part of the children’s book series and Obiis comic book. All his illustrations are done in pencil and ink. He lives in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.


                     Was founded by the love of reading

                                  and how to include others in this passion.

Obiis Mission: is to promote reading and help eliminate illiteracy worldwide. At the same time provide children and to all book lovers a fun and innovative children‘s book series.

 Obiis Company Vision: is a company who has instilled core values to the making of these fun and unique products.

 Obiis Product Vision: is to produce a fun and creative animated children’s literary series for the enjoyment of children who enjoy and love to read.

 Obiis  Social Vision: is “Reading is Giving” our motto is to give back to society and at the same time share the love of reading to impoverished communities around the world opening the eyes and dreams of the ones that need it most…… Children!  



C​hris Ortega