Welcome to a new and exciting world of the Obiis (O-bees)
Who are the Obiis?

Obiis Will be attending

  Have you ever heard of people talking about aliens, fly saucers, U.F.O’s, extra-terrestrials, little green man, Martians, spaceman and space invaders? Then you start to wonder and daintily ask yourself silly questions like, do aliens really exist? Where do they come from? How tall are they? Are they actually green? And, will I ever come in contact with an alien? 
  Well, you came to the right place where you will be able to meet and find out about the little green man, who everyone knows them as ALIENS.  But, the aliens that you about to meet are very different and very friendly, they are the “Obiis”… Yes, they actually have a name!
  The Obiis are seven tiny aliens who live in an unknown planet called Orii… a two ring planet. These tiny aliens live in a non-hostile environment, where they all work together and enjoy life in their peaceful planet, which they call home. These seven tiny aliens have unique abilities and extraordinary strengths which make them special. They also share the planet with their friends the “Villains”, who live on the other side of the two ring planet. Until one day they encounter two friendly earthlings who will become a big part of their lives. 
  The Obiis and the Villains are the ones responsible for inspiring me to write these children’s books. You will learn about each Obii and how they interact with their friends, the Villains. You are in for a big surprise in this new and exciting children’s books. I hope, YOU enjoy reading these new classic books.

 - Chris Ortega