The Obiis

Our First Book of the series

My Unique Friends The Obiis

Obiis the Beginning

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               Who are the Obiis?

    ​​The Obiis  Children’s Animated Book Series

             Welcome to a new and exciting world of the Obii

This Children’s Animated Book Series goes by the name My Unique Friends the Obiis (My U.F.O). This children’s book series is a story of tiny aliens who live in a friendly planet called Orii. They live in a non- hostile environment where they work together and enjoy life in their peaceful planet Orii.   

 The Obiis are 7 amazing unique characters (many more to come) with their own and unique and extraordinary personalities that would inspire every child to read this classic book series.  Click here to learn about the Obiis

About the Obiis:    
Learn about each Obii and how they have their own and unique abilities and strengths which make them special. Learn how each Obii uses their unique and extraordinary talents. Enjoy reading how they live and how they help each other with their talents.

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Obiis Toys

Our Second  Book of the series

My Unique Friends The Obiis

Obiis the Friendship

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